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I climb over him to pee and, while in the bathroom, purposefully muss up my hair to make it look like last night was just wild. I do marketing for a pretty prestigious media company, with one of the perks being that we work with some impressive people — like Harry. It’s a little awkward, because he’s kind of a weirdly jittery guy, plus, I’m hungover and not loving how his dick doesn’t quite hit me right. I spend the rest of the day cleaning the apartment and then go see with friends from college. I don’t actually mind waiting in line in the sun, though. The ferry took forever, but at least it made us feel like we’re rich and going to the Hamptons instead of just Jacob Riis Park. FUCK, the G train isn’t running tonight, which means I have to travel from Brooklyn to Manhattan, then back to Brooklyn to meet up with Harry. He asks me how I feel about it, and I confess that mostly I just feel … Not obsessed or infatuated or remotely in love; I guess I just think he’s an interesting, albeit jumpy, guy. S looks amused and reminds me that it’s okay to not know exactly how I feel about Harry right now. Then he mentions that he used to be really into drugs — like 10 p.m.
They’re cheaper scenes to produce and come with the added thrill of creating exciting fantasies, like meeting a girl on the street and taking her home for sex, or banging a milf you met at the grocery store.

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