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In the online dating business where new sites close as quickly as they open and only a handful have mastered the art of matchmaking, a new generation of services is courting the billion-dollar industry by leveraging all that personal information on social networks.

Their hope: that matchmaking based on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, which some argue provide a more accurate snapshot of users' lives, can lead to better connections.

I'm trying to find examples of successful companies with high churn rates and the dating site business seems to be one that would be a good example.

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"I'm surprised that no one had built it before me because it makes total sense." Gelato is a service that lets users create their profiles based on information from services like Twitter, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix and

That way, other users can see in real time the last post someone made or the movies someone else recently saw.

Upstart online-dating site Zoosk is desperately seeking software engineers and is taking a novel approach in the hope of getting its hooks into some talent -- by promising a date with one of the two actors featured in the company's TV ads. That didn't deter entrepreneur Shayan Zadeh, who sought to combine the forces of online dating and social media platforms like Facebook, when he launched Zoosk two years ago.

"We're able to reach out to an audience that would never sign up for an online ... regulators on Wednesday to raise up to 0 million in an initial public offering of common stock.

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These new startups could be appealing among those in their 20s who are more comfortable with sharing personal information publicly and more interested in casual dating and expanding their networks.Seems like it would be very high, but I've never seen any dating site churn numbers publicly reported.Curious if anyone else has come across churn numbers for them.Another ongoing concern with online dating is safety, but some companies try to mitigate that by basing their services on users' existing connections.Thread, a San Francisco site that opened in September, takes a jab at the awkwardness of navigating the Internet to meet strangers by helping Facebook users connect with the friends of their friends.The service is waitlisting members with a promise to make it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.